Dak Lak during the period of national construction and defense (1975-2010)

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- Building socialism and national defense (1975 - 1986)
+ The spring offensive and general uprising in 1975 started with the victory of Buon Ma Thuot (March 10, 1975), the peak was the historic Ho Chi Minh campaign to completely liberate the South, bringing the resistance. against the US, to save our nation's nation to complete victory
+ In the early time of liberation, Dak Lak faced many difficulties and challenges. The general offensive and rebellion in the spring of 1975 caused the enemy to collapse quickly. A puppet army, puppet authorities disintegrated on the spot leaving many complicated problems
+ Before that situation, before the direction of the Party Committee V, Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee decided to establish a steering committee to purge FULRO and the organization of the offensive force to destroy and stop their conspiracy.
+ Since the end of 1981, FULRO organization continued to disintegrate large segments, plotting to withdraw the trainers in Cambodia failed. Conflicting among the leaders of FULRO, the Ede and Mnong people were quite profound and fierce, they began to purify and kill each other, competing for status in the FULRO organization, the province proposed solutions to solve the problem thoroughly. FULRO theme at the grassroots level, associated with the construction of comprehensive consolidation of ethnic areas.
+ After more than 10 years with the whole country going up to build socialism in a very complex context, both to fight against domestic and foreign enemies, to restore and develop the economy from a low starting point, but Dak Lak's strong tradition, determination and determination, the military and people of Dak Lak step by step overcome difficulties and challenges to achieve important oil steps in all fields.
+ Implementation of the Resolution of the 4th National Congress of the Party and resolutions and directives of the Party Central Committee, with strategic missions in the first decade after the liberation, the Party Committee has determined: to hunt down reactionary, political security, social order and safety are urgent tasks, building economic development is central, food production is the number one task. Under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the people and people of Dak Lak province have well done the task of sweeping FULRO, repelling the encroachment of the border and smashing the Pol Pot attacks - Xary, maintaining political security, contributing to firmly protecting the southwestern border of the country.
+ The economy develops, technical and material bases are strengthened, socialist production relations are gradually strengthened. In particular, food production has boomed, from lack of food (after liberation), to the mid-80s of the twentieth century, average food per capita was placed on 300kg. Social culture develops, basically eliminates illiteracy among ethnic minorities. The political system at all levels has become more and more strong, but the results have a great significance, creating a premise for the development of Dak Lak province during the renovation period.
- Dak Lak in the period of implementing comprehensive Party reforms (1986 - 1996)
+ In October 1986, the 10th Provincial Party Congress was conducted. In the spirit of respecting the truth, looking straight at the truth, the Congress was evaluated for achievements in the three years from 1983 to 1986, which were great and significant, especially in the socio-economic fields and defence security.
+ The Congress decided the direction and tasks of the province in 1986 - 1991: "Mastering the Party's basic lines and views, striving to the highest level.
+ In the 5 years (1986-1990), the province's economy has been gradually stabilized, the material and spiritual life of the people has improved one step.
+ In the years 1987 - 1990, the Provincial Party Committee directed the Party committees, authorities, and people in the whole province to fulfill international obligations well, strictly abide by the withdrawal of Vietnamese troops and experts from Cambodia. , maintaining border agreements, maintaining solidarity.
+ In January 1992, the 11th Provincial Party Congress (round 2) defined the target of striving in the years 1991-1995: "... Political stability, trying to balance itself the demand for capital and supplies, maintaining production, creating the initiative and making use of outside investment capital to develop faster in the following years in order to stabilize and develop socio-economy, gradually improve improving the material and spiritual life of the people, initially creating accumulation from the internal economy, contributing to curbing and repelling inflation, strengthening national defense and security, social order and safety, repel negative and social injustice ".
+ After 10 years of implementing the innovation and initiative of the Party (1986-1995), our country has gained important achievements in terms of economy, culture and society. In the flow of the country, Dak Lak has a remarkable transformation. Economic horns have good growth rates. The economic structure has been initially shifted towards commodity production. Political security is maintained, people's life is improved. However, in order to exploit all potentials, the homeland is getting richer, requiring Dak Lak to promptly determine the appropriate directions, tasks and steps to build and develop the economy - communes strong and sustainable association.
- Continuing to implement the renovation, promoting the cause of industrialization and modernization (1996 - 2010)
+ May 1996, in Buon Ma Thuot City, Dak Lak Provincial Party Committee conducted the 12th Congress. Based on the analysis of achievements, weaknesses and causes, the Congress determined the general direction and objectives of socio-economic development in the five years from 1996 to 2000: "Promoting the process of restructuring economic in the direction of industrialization and modernization, improving the life and intellectual standards, narrowing the disparity between regions and strata of population, firmly stabilizing politics, repelling negative and ensuring security society, consolidating border security and strengthening defensive capabilities ".
+ In early 2001, in the context of the country entering the 21st century with new opportunities and challenges, the Party Committee conducted the XIII Provincial Party Congress, outlined the general direction and objectives of the Party Committee in 5 2001 - 2005: Ensuring economic growth at a high and stable speed on the basis of promoting internal resources to arouse great potential of the locality, in combination with maximizing external resources, strengthening investment cooperation, step by step expand foreign markets, continue developing export agricultural products in parallel with economic restructuring towards industrialization and modernization, and strongly develop industries and services in which the focus is on agro-forestry processing industry. Closely integrating economy with environment, good implementation of social issues; firmly building the entire-people defense posture; to maintain political stability and social order and safety, striving to bring Dak Lak to a developed economy in the middle of the country by 2010, with advanced culture and retaining identity. nation; Civilized and democratic justice society.











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